Bright 2017 Movie Download 480p Mkv HD Mp4 Free Online

Director: David Ayer

Writers: Max Landis

Stars: Will SmithJoel EdgertonNoomi Rapace

 Bright 2017 Movie Download 480p Mkv HD Mp4 Free Online

Plot: Diversity is a theme that has become very prominent over the last few years in film, not only in actors, but also in the central themes of the movie. If done right, it can serve a great way to handle to approaching people unlike ourselves and aware of our differences. And Netflix’s big budget movie Bright has that ambition, but loses focus of that ambition pretty quickly.

In the movie Will Smith is a cop in present day LA with Orcs, Elves, and Fairy’s. His distrust for Orcs even lies with his second in command (Joel Edgerton) gets him shot off duty and tension begins between the two of them. Meanwhile, they bust a case where Elf wand is being sought after by a mysterious woman and threatens to bring back the Dark Lord.

The idea of mixing humans and Orc’s and Humans wasn’t a bad idea in concept. To get a feeling of two totally different species and the way they live on paper. The makeup on the Orc’s are pretty good as well, as Joel is pretty much unrecognizable on screen and the close ups allow to see the great detail on the characters.

The films biggest issue is that it takes on entirely more than it can chew. As a fantasy film that explores adventure esque elements, and trying to bring social commentary of racism and discrimination, it doesn’t do well juggling all of those elements. The film tries so hard in the first act to make Will Smith unlikable making statements about how he doesn’t trust Orc’s and speaks derogatory statements about them to their face. Also, the fantasy plot aspect is so hard to follow at times, as they are trying to make this world feel so big and expensive, as it’s hard trying to digest all in a 2 hour movie.

Bright is not the worst film this year, but wastes alot of potential. The jokes don’t land and come in strange times, the plot is messy and the character development is inexistent. Maybe some people might be able to find some enjoyment, but for me, Bright doesn’t shine anywhere near as much as it thinks it does……………… Get more Latest 2017 Hollywood  Movies without membership,subscription,cost at just one hit.

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