Death Proof 2007 Movie Download 480p Mkv HD Mp4 Bluray 720p

Director: Quentin Tarantino

Writers: Quentin Tarantino

Stars: Kurt RussellZoë BellRosario Dawson

Death Proof 2007 Movie Download 480p Mkv HD Mp4 Bluray 720p

Plot: This film is truly, utterly, amazingly awful in every way. I have a deep love and appreciation for grindhouse films, and I, uh, appreciate what Tarantino was trying to do here: Make a mainstream tribute to unmainstream films. The problem is, Tarantino crafted something worse than even the most awful sludge that grindhouse cinema ever churned out.

Where to start? No characters are likable. There’s literally 40 minutes of patience-testing conversation that goes nowhere and leads to nothing. I don’t mind lots of dialog at all, but when the dialog ranges from, “Man, that guy is cute” to “Man, I need some weed” … I mean, really now, who wants to hear this stuff?! There’s no violence, except for some punching at the end and one car accident. There’s no humor. There’s nothing smart or charming about this movie. There’s nothing interesting whatsoever happening in ANY scene in the movie! There’s nothing to like about this film — I can’t stress this enough! Basically, this film is watching 3 people you hate having boring conversations for 40 minutes… then, just when you think it’s over (because of about 5 minutes of scenes of a car wreck and a hospital visit), 3 MORE people sit around and have boring conversations for another half an hour about nothing. Then, just when you think something’s going to happen, a girl rides on a car for 20 minutes. She just rides on the front of a car. Then, the girls punch a guy. The end. That’s the entire film… does that really sound appealing to anyone? So, to sum things up, here’s a film that isn’t dramatic, isn’t funny, isn’t fun, isn’t likable from any angle, ironic or not. The ultimate anti-film. You WILL be disappointed. And I say this as a huge fan of b-movies and a mild fan of Tarantino……………...…………………… Get more  Hollywood Movies without membership,subscription,cost at just one hit.

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