Descendants 2 2017 Movie Download 480p Mkv Mp4 Free

Director: Kenny Ortega

Writers: Sara ParriottJosann McGibbon

Stars: Dove CameronCameron BoyceSofia Carson

Descendants 2 2017 Movie Download 480p Mkv Mp4 Free

Plot: First off I love the Idea some of the characters of these movies, but the execution is always lacking. Disney made bank off of the first one but it doesn’t feel like they put any more money and effort into this one.

First off the CGI is completely HORRIBLE!!!! It really took me out of the show every time there was any CGI.

Second the “Costume Designers” should be fired as a lot of the colors clash and the clothes never seem to fit correctly.

The Acting and story was below what they should be aiming for as some areas felt really forced or unnatural. Cameron Boyce seemed to do OK but non of them can do great with this story.

It also doesn’t tie into the Wicked world series as non of the new characters from that show were even in the movie. I also find Wicked Worlds story to be more interesting.

Now on to the singing…. Why was 99% of this show completely auto-tuned??? I know auto-tune can have a cool effect when used sparingly but they used it to the point that ruined songs!

The sets were very basic with horrible lighting.Why does this feel like a good high school drama set?

I also really wish they would add some better characters. Dopeys son feels forced there was no need for chad (the second son to the throne). I would love to see some of the wicked world cast and maybe the mad hatters daughter/son. Someone that is a little mad but in a good way. Pouring tea in a inopportune time or buttering a watch or celebrating someones unbirthday. There seems to be so many opportunities that they missed with the character choice. I also think they need to do something to the Beasts son Ben. Not only is his actor horrible but is character is very bland. Maybe get under a curse that changes how he looks so they can get a better actor and change his personality.

Please Disney I want to love this but your cheapness isn’t helping. Just reboot it into a full blown movie and get good people to work on it. These actors could probably do a lot more if you give them something better. Shoot Booboo Stewart was actually good in the twilight Movies (not that I liked twilight that much).. …...…………………… Get more  Hollywood Action Movies without membership,subscription,cost at just one hit.

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