Enemy at the Gates 2001 Movie Download 480p Mkv Mp4 HD

Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud

Writers: Jean-Jacques AnnaudAlain Godard

Stars: Jude LawEd HarrisJoseph Fiennes

Enemy at the Gates 2001 Movie Download 480p Mkv Mp4 HD

Plot: Enemy at the Gates” by William Craig was an incredible history of the Battle of Stalingrad as retold by living members. “War of the Rats” was a capable, moving performance of Zaitsev and the Soviet expert sharpshooters who battled at Stalingrad, and also the Germans who contradicted them. I imagined that the motion picture would be founded on in any event the novel. I was disturbed to discover that the maker/chief/scholars tossed both of these significant books out the window and rather produce their own particular vision of the fight that gave positively no chronicled understanding, supplanting the considerable stories of the two books with warmed over foul hostile to socialism.

The motion picture goer gets no knowledge into the complexities of why Soviet troopers battled and crushed the Germans at Stalingrad. Rather we are given the feeling that the main reason any Soviet troopers battled there was because of the danger of being machine gunned by the Stalinist “blocking units”. At that point all of a sudden, one commissar has a splendid plan to “make a saint will’s identity an illustration” and the entire fight turns on Vasily Zaitsev. None of the other genuine demonstrations of courage at Stalingrad are appeared, for example, the officers who waited for 53 days in “Pavlov’s home”.

The strain and anticipation of expert marksmen chasing each other for a considerable length of time was totally absent and also the long range part of these duels. The outrageous scene toward the end where Konig and Zaitsev stand up to each other “High Noon” style was silly. No sharpshooter would uncover himself like that, not to mention fight solidified troops by that point in the fight, even Germans.

With everything taken into account, this motion picture was a crime both as workmanship and as history. It did an extreme insult to both. Soviet fighters who battled and passed on at Stalingrad did not exclusively do as such out of dread of NKVD striking back. Patriotism against a genocidal trespasser was a genuine piece of it. Also, truly, many really trusted that they were battling for a superior future, that they were sparing communism. Can any anyone explain why Craig’s book and Robbins novel can pass on these complexities of the skirmish of Stalingrad while all we get from the motion picture is a characterless love triangle, rediculous “expert marksman strategies” and heaps of good out-dated hostile to socialism. You don’t need to conceal reality about the wrongdoings of Stalinism to make a precise depiction of Russians in the skirmish of Stalingrad. Yet, you don’t need to produce a hostile to comrade harangue either. Reality won’t be found in either………..…………………… Get more  Hollywood War Movies without membership,subscription,cost at just one hit.

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