Headshot 2017 Movie Download 480p Mkv HD Free

Director: Kimo StamboelTimo Tjahjanto

Writers: Timo Tjahjanto

Stars: Iko UwaisChelsea IslanSunny Pang

Headshot 2017 Movie Download 480p Mkv HD Free

Plot: “Headshot” stars Iko Uwais as Ishmael, a man who’s found washed up on a beach and put in a coma for two months due to him being shot in the head. He wakes up and doesn’t remember a thing about himself. He discovers from flashbacks, gang members sent to kill him, and an incredible set of skills, that he is a former assassin/hit-man for the crime boss, Lee. When Ailin (the nurse who looked after Ishmael for two months and has liking to) is kidnapped by Lee, Ishmael sets on a mission to save Ailin, and to confront Lee once and for all. “Headshot” was the last film I saw at the 52nd Chicago International Film Festival this year and it was a very action packed way to leave the festival till next year.

“Headshot” is directed by Timo Tjahjanto, and Kimo Stamboel who also directed the very successful “Killers” (2014). The two directors have an excellent direction when it comes down to choreographing the stunts and fights and always do it with such flare. The cinematography is very well done, not to compare to “The Raid” films but the camera is much more shakier in “Headshot” and not as smooth and fluid as “The Raid” films, but nevertheless I can see what’s going on and it overall captures the action very well.

The acting is overall very well. For an action film of this caliber you don’t really need stellar performances but rather great action and stunt work which Iko Uwais is very good at due to him being the star for both “The Raid” films. I had a blast with this film, it was just exactly what I expected it to be, amazing action, average plot, and bad-ass characters. The audience that I saw the film with were super into it, there was always an “oh s***.” or “whooo!” whenever a fight scene was happening or when it ended. It was awesome.

Other than the film being action packed and violently entertaining there’s nothing else to it. This film is 100% pure entertainment, that’s what it set out to be and that’s what it will always be. I will admit the violence in the film was very overwhelming, every 5 or so minutes you had someone get shot in the ear, have their arm snapped in half, or burning alive. And much like “The Raid” films the absurdity and unbelievability of the violence is UNBELIEVABLE, and I love it. I mean where else will you see a guy who has his arm and leg broken with nails embedded in his fist and half beaten to a pulp still able to keep on fighting. I was laughing out loud to this stuff because it’s so damn silly but so damn entertaining.

“Headshot” is nothing but a pure energetic and adrenaline filled film full of violence to satisfy any die hard action cinephile out there. Thumbs up!!!……………… Get more Latest 2017 Hollywood Action Movies without membership,subscription,cost at just one hit.

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