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Director:  Mark Pellington

Writers: Mark Pellington , Alex Ross Perry

Stars: Hugo ArmstrongShinelle AzorohAnnalise Basso

Nostalgia 2018 Movie Download 480p Mkv Mp4 HD Free 300mb Torrent

Plot: Mark Pellington’s contemplative and emotionally rigorous film Nostalgia is not going to be an easy movie for many people to experience. Told in the aesthetic key of current-phase Terrence Malick (minus all of the wide-angle stedicaming) but feeling tethered to something more universal and tangible, this is a defiantly artistic piece of independent filmmaking, and as such, it will evoke many different responses from those who encounter it. It also seems highly personal for both Pellington and screenwriter Alex Ross Perry; they both collaborated on the story and then Perry wrote the script and it feels like something that was poured over by the two of them in nearly every aspect.

The star-studded cast was clearly attracted to the ultra-intense characters and the poetic yet forceful dialogue that was afforded to them; the process of simply reading this script had to have been an at-times overwhelming experience. Tragedy informs nearly every moment of Nostalgia, but there are often times a glimmer of hope that can be felt peeking from the edges of the scene, and because this was obviously made without any sense of outlandish commercial expectations, there’s a degree of artistic freedom that must have felt liberating to all involved.

The multi-strand yet very much cohesive story revolves around the same themes but cycles characters in and out of the action, with nearly every single performer getting the chance to explore some serious dramatic monologues and detailed character work. Nostalgia asks the simple question: What are the items that you would attempt to save from a fire? What objects do we value the most, and what happens when death is a sudden, inexplicable event that you can’t make sense of? These are questions that many of us have likely pondered once or twice in our lifetimes, but they are also topics that few seemingly want to dwell over, because of the inherent sadness of losing everything you value in a catastrophic moment. Nostalgia’s POV shifts from person to person, with the connections from character to character feeling refreshingly organic for a template such as this.

I’m also fascinated with some of the longer pauses that Pellington and editor Arndt-Wulf Peemoller, decided upon; I’ve always felt that many movies cut-away too quickly from someone after something important has happened to them, and here, a bit more time is spent examining the faces of the people who make up this tapestry of grief and loss.The insane-to-contemplate cast includes Jon Hamm, Ellen Burstyn, John Ortiz, Catherine Keener, James Le Gros, Bruce Dern, Joanna Going, Nick Offerman, Amber Tamblyn, Annalise Basso, Patton Oswalt, Beth Grant, and many other familiar and unfamiliar faces. Everyone is excellent.

So, as I mentioned earlier, Nostalgia is going to be a hard film for some people to watch, but likely a rewarding and cathartic experience for others. It’s also a piece of storytelling that had to have been personally meaningful to those who made it in a way that feels different when compared to other pieces of work on their resume. But that’s likely the intent, as Pellington and Perry were clearly interested in telling a story about how people feel, and how they respond to trauma, and by telling such a story in such a heightened and artistic manner, some viewers are going to become consumed by the melancholy narrative and transfixed by the bold beauty of the imagery. Cinematographer Matt Sakatani Roe shot in full 2.35:1 widescreen, which runs counter to the argument that “intimate” films are better served in 1.85:1.

But in Nostalgia, the way that light plays with a room, or the way that color and texture bounce off of objects and surfaces helps to create an almost ethereal feel. I wasn’t surprised to see that the film’s digital colorist, Jill Bogdanowicz, received an up-front credit during the end sequence. This is a work, similar to Pellington’s intense drama I Melt With You, that goes to some extreme places of human pain while delivering breathtaking visuals – it’s an aggressive combination to be sure. After recently premiering at the Palm Springs Film Festival, Nostalgia opens in limited release on February 16th from Bleecker Street, with a VOD and physical media release to follow………………………………. Get more Latest 2018 Hollywood Drama Movies without membership,subscription,cost at just one hit.


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