Snowpiercer 2013 Movie Download 480p Mkv HD Mp4 300mb

Director: Joon-ho Bong

Writers: Joon-ho Bong

Stars: Chris EvansJamie BellTilda Swinton

Snowpiercer 2013 Movie Download 480p Mkv HD Mp4 300mb

Plot: Absolutely amazing. A cinematic microcosm of society. For those of you uninterested in topics like ‘1984’ and ‘Animal Farm’, watch this film for a hazard course in understanding the human condition. From start to end you see a small-scale depiction of society from it’s most basic ‘proletariat’ level, right up to the elite, in perfect order. And we see the evolution of civilisation from simple beginnings to science, education, quality, luxury, then hedonism, wastefulness and eventual demise, in exactly that order.

All of that can be overlooked, however, if you’re just the average movie-goer who simply wants a good story with a hero, an adventure and an end goal. In which case I say the film is a good one but nothing special in that respect. Certainly there were parts where I thought, “eh?”, until it clicked later that it was all part of the Director’s greater cinematic design.

But for the arty film student types, this film is sure to be the topic of many, many essays for years to come.

Clearly every part of the film was deliberate – every shot, every line of script, every item in the background. It was true art. None of that quick-buck profit-incentive Hollywood stuff.

In conclusion I recommend this film to everyone, particularly people who want to learn something or gain some insight from what they watch. For the everyday movie-lover, go into this with an open mind and have a really long think about how you can compare it to the world today……………………….…………………… Get more  Hollywood Action Movies without membership,subscription,cost at just one hit.

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